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Implement the Watershed Plan - Results and Next Steps

Implementing the actions and practices outlined in the plan will depend heavily on the partnerships, relationships, and sense of ownership generated by the stakeholder group and its constituents. Effective outreach and education programs can help orient landowners and other key individuals as to the type and scope of BMPs needed to address defined problems, and careful attention to the needs of stakeholders can ensure that information and resources (e.g., technical assistance, cost-share funding) are available to ease concerns linked to the deployment of structural and non-structural practices.

Watershed partners are vital to successful implementation. Their contacts, relationships, and example often determine the success or failure of implementation efforts. If they have been actively engaged, consulted, and involved in the watershed assessment and planning process, they will be more likely to step forward to lend their support for outreach/education, implementation, and BMP monitoring during this important phase.

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