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Implement the Watershed Plan

While much of the watershed planning process is focused on the development of the plan, results will not happen until the plan is actually implemented. Implementation can begin with an information/education (I/E) component or with on-the-ground management measures. Implementation activities should follow the road map developed in your plan.

Implement the Watershed Plan Links

Ohio Nonpoint Solution Management Plan - WAP-3E (6/23/05 version) Effective Watershed Action Planning (WAP) And Implementation: Sustainable Components And Key Outcomes (Sustainable: Effective, Long-term NPS Coordination, Implementation and Evaluation Occurs).

USEPA Rapid Bioassessment Protocols for Use in Streams and Wadeable Rivers: Periphyton, Benthic Macroinvertebreates and Fish - Full document is available.

U.S. Water Monitor - The U.S. Water Monitor is a portal to Federal water information and a companion to the U.S. Drought Monitor and the Drought Impact Reporter.

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