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Citizens and organizations across the nation are working to protect and restore our valuable rivers, streams, wetlands, lakes, ground water, and estuaries. The information below can help you learn about creating and managing volunteer opportunities to get community members involved in activities, such as monitoring, cleanups, and restoration projects in your watershed. There is also information to help you conduct successful information campaigns.

Nonpoint Source Outreach Toolbox - The Nonpoint Source (NPS) Outreach Toolbox is intended for use by state and local agencies and other organizations interested in educating the public on nonpoint source pollution or stormwater runoff. The Toolbox contains a variety of resources to help develop an effective and targeted outreach campaign.

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) / Nonpoint Source Pollution: Public Education Exit EPA Disclaimer - (TCEQ) launched a nonpoint source outreach campaign in 2001 that targeted watersheds with water quality problems where the causes were known.

EPA / Watersheds / Outreach Documents - A list of the Getting in Step watershed outreach guidebooks which provide the tools you will need to develop and implement an effective watershed outreach plan/campaign.

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