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What is Watershed Central?

Watershed Central has been designed to assist users to develop and implement effective watershed management programs. The site includes guidance, tools, case studies, and data sets to help you share information, analyze data, and identify opportunities to initiate or strengthen your watershed efforts.

Watershed Central's stakeholders and data providers include:

  • Local watershed management groups
  • Regulated entities subject to EPA's various clean water act provisions
  • EPA Headquarters and the Office of Water
  • EPA regional water and water management offices
  • Fish and Wildlife Service and National Marine Fisheries Service on issues related to electronic access to data submitted
  • States
  • Tribes
  • Public

Watershed Central includes a feature called a wiki, which is web site that allows the user to submit and edit content so that the information is constantly updated by the watershed community (just like Wikipedia). The wiki includes case studies, information on watershed organizations and various watershed management tools.

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How is Watershed Central different or related to Watershed Central Wiki?

Watershed Central contains the wiki application used for information sharing and collaboration. Information in the wiki that is deemed appropriate will be moved over to the Watershed Central pages on EPA's web site.

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How do I cite content from the Watershed Central website or its wiki?

You can cite the original web pages that EPA links to or EPA's web site using the APA suggested style:
United States Environmental Protection Agency. (Date Last Updated) Watershed Central. Retrieved: Month Date, Year, from URL.

For citing the Wiki you may choose to use the following APA guidelines:
Title of Page. (Date last Updated). In Watershed Central Wiki. Retreived Month Day, Year, from URL.

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How do I find out where I am in the watershed management process?

EPA has identified 30 or more steps you may need to take in managing your watershed. They are for the most part sequential, but it is not always necessary to do them in order. You may want to refer to the EPA Handbook, this website, or our wiki for detailed information on the watershed management process.

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Why do I have to register to view the Watershed Central wiki?

Requiring users to register is just one of the strategies employed to ensure that wiki content is accurate and on-topic.

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How do I submit content to the Watershed Central website or wiki?

The best way to submit content for consideration for the main website is submitting content to the wiki.

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Where do I get information/data about my watershed?

Try using the tools listed on this site, and the wiki. If you know of any additional tools in your area that may be helpful, please add it!

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How do I contact the people behind the Watershed Central website?

Email watershedcentral@epa.gov with comments/questions about the site. If you have ideas for content, please contribute to the wiki.

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