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Table 6-6. Riparian Characterization Project Methods and Products

Objective           Method              Product(s)          Date 
Use airphotos    Photointerpretation    ARC/INFO GIS       Spring 
and GIS to       by National Wetlands   data set; GIS       1994 
characterize     Inventory (NWI)        file copies; and 
riparian zone                           map plot copies. 
patterns and 
land uses 
Provide input    Transfer of GIS        Riparian land      Spring 
parameters to    datasets to            cover; average      1994 
UGR basin        modeling project       tree height; 
temperature      for extraction of      average canopy 
model            different modeling     density; buffer 
                 parameters             width; offset; 
                                        and average 
                                        crown diameter 
Classify         Rosgen classification  Digitized maps     Spring 
stream channel   of stream morphology   (1:24,000) of       1994 
morphology       of selected            stream morphology 
using field,     tributaries and the    classes 
mapped, and      mainstem by Umatilla 
photographic     Tribe scientists 
Demonstrate       Evaluation of         Discussion paper   Summer 
uses of           project's success     and presentation    1994 
riparian          inusing GIS data on   with future 
characterization  riparian zone land    opportunities 
data for other    cover and stream      identified 
protection and    morphology in the 
management        model and TMDL 

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