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Table 6-2. Summary of Anacostia Restoration Blueprint

NOTE: This list is preliminary and is subject to change based on AWRC review.

Stormwater Retrofits Projects: Includes the creation of new best management practices or modifications of existing ponds or BMP's to improve the quality of urban runoff.

 total number of projects                159 
 total area controlled                   ~ 35 square miles 
 projects in-progress 
        or completed to date             45 (28%) 
 estimated capital cost(1)               $27.6 million 

Stream Restoration Projects: Includes bioengineering and other measures that stabilize eroding stream banks and create better fish habitat.

 total number of projects(2)             60 
 total project length                    ~20 stream miles 
 projects in-progress 
      or completed to date               8 (13%) 
 projected capital cost(1)               $8.0 million 

Fish Passage Projects: Includes projects to eliminate barriers to anadromous and resident fish migration.

 total number of projects                31 
 projects in-progress 
      or completed to date               6 (20%) 
 projected capital cost(1)               $1.1 million 

Riparian Reforestation: Includes the reestablishment of forest habitats within 300 feet of the Anacostia and its tributaries.

 total number of projects(2)             68 
 total project length                    ~ 15 stream miles 
 projects in-progress 
      or completed to date               25 (37%) 
 projected capital cost(1)               $800,000 

Wetland Creation: Includes the creation of emergent wetlands in both tidal and non-tidal areas.3

 total number of projects(2)             34 
 area                                    one square mile 
 projects in-progress 
      or completed to date               10 (30%) 
 projected capital cost(1)               $7.3 million 

Small Habitat Improvement Program (SHIP): Includes small scale restoration projects (excluding reforestation) suitable for implementation by citizens. These projects include storm drain stenciling, stream cleanups, wildflower plantings, etc.

 total number of projects            400 
 projects in planning                72 (18%) 
 projects completed                  12 
 projected capital cost(1)         $800,000 

Other Restoration Projects: Includes CSO abatement, river dredging, sewer rehabilitation, reclamation and other activities that contribute to the restoration of the river.

 total number of projects            17 
 projects in-progress 
      or completed to date           3 (25%) 
 projected capital cost1              $70 million 


1. Cost projections do not include costs for project planning, design, permitting, maintenance, and land acquisition (if any). Projections are based on 1990 dollars.
2. The total number of restoration projects in this category may increase as further field surveys are performed.
3. Does not include wetland acreage created by stormwater retrofits projects, which is significant.

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