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Water: Watersheds

Who is active in my Watershed

How can I get involved in my watershed?

Search our catalog of watershed groups to learn how you can get involved in projects in your community.

If there are no active groups in your area, we encourage you to help start one by visiting Adopt Your Watershed. This page will direct you to resources available.

What Watershed Partnerships or Networks are Working in my Watershed?

Know Your Watershed Exit EPA Disclaimer has information about partnerships in watersheds, information about mentors and finding someone who has experience with specific topics or activities.

What is adoption of a watershed?

"Adoption" means volunteering to protect and restore your watershed. Community groups have worked together to plan events and gatherings, whether large or small, that focus on watershed protection. Some of these events include: organizing stream cleanups, volunteering to monitor water quality, planting trees along the stream or river, and educating community members.

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