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Water: Dredged Material Management

National Dredging Team Meetings

National Dredging Team Meetings

National Dredging Team (NDT) meetings are scheduled and co-chaired by representatives of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Special sessions can be requested by members and scheduled by the Co-Chairs as needed.

Quarterly Meetings

The NDT and Regional Dredging Teams (RDTs) coordinate on current and emerging dredging and dredged material management issues through quarterly conference calls or meetings.

National Meetings

The NDT and RDTs hold in-person National Meetings, as needed.

  • 2009 NDT/RDT National Meeting (Point Clear, Alabama)

The theme of this meeting was Planning for the Unexpected and Unavoidable: Addressing Natural and Anthropogenic Crises. The NDT/RDT Team discussed advanced planning, regional sediment management, habitat restoration, coastal resiliency, and responding after a crisis occurs.

  • 2007 NDT/RDT National Meeting (Emeryville, California)

Building upon technical and policy issues identified by the 2006 National Meeting, this meeting addressed economic drivers, characterization of dredged material, sediment management options, beneficial use of dredged material, environmental windows, and the review of the National Dredging Policy and 2003 Action Agenda.

  • 2006 NDT/RDT National Meeting (Boston, Massachusetts)

The New England Regional Dredging Team, with the support of the NDT, organized the 2006 meeting focused on providing opportunities for the RDTs to define and address technical and policy issues of national concern.

  • 2005 NDT/RDT National Meeting (Annapolis, Maryland)

The NDT organized this national meeting to strengthen the RDTs through increased coordination, communication, and information exchange, and to initiate actions to further beneficial use of dredged material and sediment management on a watershed basis.

Conferences and Workshops

NDT conferences and workshops provide a forum to exchange best practices and lessons learned.

  • 2006 Managing Sediments in the Watershed: Bringing Dredged Material and Watershed Managers Together (Portland, Oregon)

This conference provided a diverse array of stakeholders, including over 200 watershed planners, dredged material/sediment managers, and other participants an opportunity to coordinate.

  • 2001 Dredged Material Management: Issues and Needed Actions for the Next Decade (Jacksonville, Florida)

This 2001 workshop facilitated communications among stakeholders, building on partnerships for improved effectiveness in dredged material management and to propose actions needed for the first decade of the new millennium. As a result of the workshop, the 2003 Action Agenda for the Next Decade was developed defining proposed actions for the NDT and RDTs.

  • 1999 Dredged Material Management and State Coastal Management Programs (New Orleans, Louisiana)          

This workshop focused on the intersection of federal navigation dredging projects and state coastal management programs. The participants discussed a wide range of dredged material management topics and issues, and developed recommendations for improving intergovernmental processes related to dredged material management in the coastal zone.

Steering Committee Meetings

The NDT Steering Committee reviews the progress of the NDT and provides guidance for future NDT actions. Meetings of the Steering Committee are held on an "as needed" basis as requested by the Co-Chairs of the Steering Committee or the NDT.

  • 2005 NDT Steering Committee Meeting

The Steering Committee reviewed progress of the NDT and provided an update on implementation of the 2003 Action Agenda for the Next Decade.

  • 2003 NDT Steering Committee Meeting

The Steering Committee renewed the NDT Charter and endorsed the publication and implementation of the 2003 Action Agenda for the Next Decade.

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