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Water: Dredged Material Management

Regional Dredging Teams: Local Planning Groups

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      2003 Action Agenda
      Beneficial Use of Dredged Material
      Dredged Material Management
      Essential Fish Habitat
        Federal Standard
        Local Planning Groups
        Managing Sediments in the Watershed
        Member Agencies
          National Dredging Policy
          Regional Dredging Teams
          Regional Sediment Management
          Total Maximum Daily Loads
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Local Planning Group Guidance (PDF) (37 pp, 258K, About PDF)

Regional Dredging Teams (RDTs) actively work to facilitate the establishment of Local Planning Groups (LPGs).  LPGs are established to develop dredged material management plans for local waterways, harbors, estuaries, and watersheds and to assess and resolve local dredged material management issues.  LPGs often develop management plans in coordination with RDTs and other local groups for consideration into overall regional dredged material management.  RDTs also establish direct lines of communication with LPGs to facilitate issue resolution at the appropriate level (RDTs).

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