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Water: Dredged Material Management

Emerging Issues

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      2003 Action Agenda
      Beneficial Use of Dredged Material
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          Regional Sediment Management
          Total Maximum Daily Loads

Overview: Today’s dredged material management planning strategies should be flexible enough to consider emerging issues, especially in order to maintain a dredging project review process that is timely, efficient, and predictable to the maximum extent practicable.

Background: A variety of issues, emerging over the last two decades, may be considered during the dredging decision process. These issues include Essential Fish Habitat (EFH) consultations, environmental window considerations, the potential application of Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDL) designations to dredging projects, consistency determinations under the Coastal Zone Management Act (CZMA), and Endangered Species Act considerations for dredging projects. Project development and review is a multi-disciplinary and multi-agency process involving a wide range of interests, issues, and stakeholders.  Successful projects depend on informed decision making.  Informed decisions depend on open communication, early coordination, and an under­standing of how these and other emerging issues relate to dredging and dredged material management.

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