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Water: Dredged Material Management

Emerging Issues: Coastal Zone Management Act

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      2003 Action Agenda
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          Total Maximum Daily Loads

The Coastal Zone Management Act (CZMA) provides states, with federally approved coastal management programs, the authority to review federal activities that have a reasonably foreseeable effect on any land use, water use, or natural resource of the coastal zone. Federal agencies provide a consistency determination for proposed Federal agency activities and non-federal applicants for federal license or permit activities provide states with a consistency certification. Federal activities are reviewed for consistency with enforceable policies of state management programs and states either concur with or object to the activity. If a state objects to a Federal agency activity the federal agency may not proceed unless it determines it is prohibited from full consistency due to requirements of federal law. If a state objects to a federal license or permit activity the activity may not be federally authorized unless the applicant appeals the state objection to the Secretary of Commerce and the Secretary overrides the state's objection.

For projects involving dredging, dredged disposal and beneficial uses of dredged material affecting uses or resources within the coastal zone, consultation and coordination with state coastal zone agencies should begin early in the project planning process.

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