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Water: Estuaries and Coastal Watersheds

Barataria-Terrebonne Estuarine Complex (NEP Profile)

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Summary Information

Year Established: 1991
Location: Louisiana
Area of Watershed: 15,769 square kilometers

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Overviews and Highlights

Since 1932, over 400,000 acres of productive wetlands habitat have been converted to open water in the Barataria-Terrebonne Estuary System. This NEP is developing a computer model of the 4-million-acre estuary system that will predict future habitat conditions. Looking at the whole estuary, the model will show how and where the changes - natural or manmade - in one area, affect the other areas. The model will also predict effects of natural events, such as hurricanes and storms, and large-scale human activities, such as canal construction and flood control. The Barataria-Terrebonne NEP will use this landscape model to evaluate the impacts of actions that could be taken to conserve the habitat in this estuarine watershed.

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