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Water: Marine Debris

What You Can Do On The Go

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On the Go

It is important to properly dispose of your waste whether you are at the beach, park, or grocery store. Below are four steps you can take to help reduce waste and marine debris while on the go.

Dispose of trash properly

When away from your home, dispose of all trash and recyclables in the proper receptacles. If the receptacles are full or unavailable, take your trash and recyclables home with you. Never place trash or recyclables next to a full container. Keep a small bag for trash and recyclables in your car. While on the go, pick up trash in parking lots, on the streets and sidewalks, and near stormdrains. To learn more about recycling initiatives in public places, check out the EPA's Recycling on the Go Program.

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Purchase recycled, reusable, and smart packaging items

Why Should I Buy Recycled?
Find out more information on buying recycled items and a sample list of recycled shopping items.
While you are on the go, try to purchase and use items with less packaging or in packages and containers that are recyclable or made with recycled materials. Reduce your waste footprint by purchasing bulk-size items in advance to decrease the number of single use items used while on the go. Use refillable or reusable containers, such as thermal coffee mugs and reusable grocery bags. Encourage grocery stores and shops to sell recycled products, and to collect plastic shopping bags for recycling.

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Use reusable shopping bags

Purchase reusable shopping bags or reuse the paper or plastic ones for your next shopping trip. If you only have a couple of items to purchase, say "No" when the merchant asks you if you want a bag.

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Limit use of disposable products

Did You Know?
Packaging and containers made up the largest portion of trash generated in 2007, nearly 78 million tons! (EPA 2007)
For picnics and other outdoor activities, remember to bring reusable utensils, tableware, water bottles, cups, and cloth napkins. If only disposable products are available, take just what you need.

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