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Water: Climate Ready Estuaries

Climate Ready Estuaries

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EPA Coastal and Climate Resources
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climatereadyEstuaries and coastal areas are particularly vulnerable to climate variability and change. In order to protect their ecosystems from projected impacts of sea level rise, increasing temperatures, and other effects, coastal managers may need to  develop and implement adaptation measures.

The Climate Ready Estuaries program works with the National Estuary Programs and the coastal management community to: (1) assess climate change vulnerabilities, (2) develop and implement adaptation strategies, and (3) engage and educate stakeholders.  CRE shares NEP examples to help other coastal managers, and provides technical guidance and assistance about climate change adaptation.

The Climate Ready Estuaries website offers information on climate change impacts to different estuary regions, access to tools and resources to monitor changes, and information to help managers develop adaptation plans for estuaries and coastal communities.
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Explore Climate Ready Estuaries: Find CRE Progress Reports and learn how the program and its partners have worked on projects to advance coastal adaptation to climate change.

Where You Live: Learn more about CRE partner projects on climate change impacts assessment and adaptation in your region.

Coastal Toolkit: Explore information and guidance on assessing climate change vulnerabilities and developing action plans.

Basic Information: What are the potential climate change impacts to coastal systems? What can be done to address the effects of climate change in coastal systems? Why should coastal resource managers focus their climate change efforts on adaptation?

News and Events: What’s new with Climate Ready Estuaries? This page provides updates on estuaries in the news, new members, and related events.

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