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Water: Beaches

National Beach Conference Posters

Poster Presentations

There were more than 70 poster presenters at the 2011 National Beach Conference. A subset of those presentations is available here. Abstracts of all poster presentations will be available in the conference proceedings.

  • A Comprehensive Approach to Microbial Beach Monitoring and Source Prevention and Application to a Non-point Source Impacted Marine Beach
    Amir Abdelzaher, Matthew Phillips, Helena Solo-Gabriele, Samir Elmir, and Lora Fleming
    Presentation (PDF) (1 pg, 162K)
  • Examination of within and across Laboratory qPCR Inhibition in Wastewater and Geographically-distributed Recreational Waters
    Tamara Anan'eva, Julie Kinzelman, Rebecca Bushon, Samuel Dorevitch, Rachel Noble, and Denene Blackwood
    Presentation (PDF) (1 pg, 356K)
  • Beach Area NHDPlus Frameworks for Climate Change Risk Analyses
    Paul Andrews, Michele Cutrofello, William Cooter, and Amy Wesley-Snider
    Presentation (PDF) (1 pg, 395K)
  • Comparing and Modeling Molecular and Cultural Counts of Bacteria
    Tim Bartrand, Sharon Nappier, Richard Remigio, Mark Gibson, Joanna Pope, Theng Fong, Mark Weir, Jeffrey Rosen
    Presentation (PDF) (1 pg, 487K)
  • Detection and Mobilization of Indicator Organisms and Pathogens from Livestock Manures
    Tim Bartrand, Marirosa Molina,Theng Theng Fong, Randi McCuin, Jeff Rosen, José Sobrinho, Mark Gibson
    Presentation (PDF) (1 pg, 470K)
  • The Washington BEACH Program: Bacteria Monitoring in Puget Sound and on the Washington Coast
    Jessica Bennett
    Presentation (PDF) (1 pg, 876K)
  • Prevalence of Methicilin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in Tropical Marine, Fresh and Sewage Waters
    Natasha Bonilla, Jessica Rivera, Jean Carrasquillo, Marilyn Roberts, and Gary Toranzos
    Presentation (PDF) (1 pg, 3.1MB)
  • The Health Risk of Bathing in Southern California Coastal Waters
    Mitchell Brinks, Ryan Dwight, N.D. Osgood, G. SharavanaKumar, David Turbow, M. El-Gohary, and J.C. Semenza
    Presentation (PDF) (1 pg, 125K)
  • Enterococcus in Beach Sediments and Water at a Chesapeake Bay Beach
    Kathy Brohawn, Heather Merritt, Elichia Venso, Mark Frana, Lesley Frana, and Anne Adkins
    Presentation (PDF) (1 pg, 250K)
  • Optimization of Remediation Efforts for Mitigation of Oil Spills—an Interplay between Biodegradation and Chemical Dispersants
    Malia Carpio, Matthew Phillips, Noha Abdel-Mottaleb, Helena Solo-Gabriele
    Presentation (PDF) (1 pg, 3.0MB)
  • Estimating Protozoal Fate and Transport in a Wetland System Using a Model-based Approach
    Miles Daniels, Fred Watson, Woutrina Miller, Jennifer Hogan
    Presentation (PDF) (1 pg, 822K)
  • Evaluation of QMRA Assumptions Using Observational Data
    Stephanie DeFlorio and Samuel Dorevitch
    Presentation (PDF) (1 pg, 719K)
  • Blame the Moon: A Critical Analysis of Environmental Sources of Enterococcus in Southern California Coastal Waters
    Ryan Dwight, David Turbow, and Mitchell Brinks
    Presentation (PDF) (1 pg, 84K)
  • Presence of S. aureus and MRSA at a Subtropical Recreational Beach and its Relation to Enterococci Levels
    Amber Enns, Laura Vogel, Lisa Plano, S. Khan, and A. Brown
    Presentation (PDF) (1 pg, 251K)
  • Observations and Modeling of Enterococci Release and Transport in the Inter-tidal Zone of a Non-point Source Subtropical Recreational Beach
    Zhixuan Feng, Ad Reniers, Brian Haus, and Helena Solo-Gabriele
    Presentation (PDF) (1 pg, 479K)
  • Predicting Fecal Indicator Bacteria During Storms in Rural and Agriculturally-Dominated Coastal Systems
    Raul Gonzalez and Rachel Noble
    Presentation (PDF) (1 pg, 917K)
  • Affects of Wave Height and Wave Period on the Release of Enterococci from Beach Sand
    David Hernandez, Noha Abdel-Mottaleb, Yifan Zhang, Matthew Phillips, and Helena Solo-Gabriele
    Presentation (PDF) (1 pg, 234K)
  • Recolonization of Enterococci in Shore Line Sand after Full Scale Beach Renovation
    Rafael Hernandez, Yasiel Hernàndez, Nasly Jimenez, and Helena Solo-Gabriele
    Presentation (PDF) (1 pg, 249K)
  • Modernized eBEACHES
    Bill Kramer
    Presentation (PDF) (34 pp, 8.0MB)
  • Implementing Predictive Models on a Broader Scale: Current Efforts in Wisconsin
    Adam Mednick, Julie Kinzelman, Kyle Minks, and Dan Ziegler
    Presentation (PDF) (1 pg, 603K)
  • Microbial Source Tracking in a Protected Watershed that Discharges into San Francisco Bay
    Stephanie Molloy and Kathy Seiber
    Presentation (PDF) (1 pg, 8.0MB)
  • An Assessment of Water Quality Using Exploratory Factor Analysis
    Chiping Nieh, Samuel Dorevitch, Li Liu, and Peter Scheff
    Presentation (PDF) (1 pg, 1.1MB)
  • Lagrangean Coherent Structures (LCSs)
    Lauren Fiorentino, Josefina Olascoaga
    Presentation (PDF) (7 pp, 4.1MB)
  • Enterococci are Ubiquitous within Southern Florida Beach Sediment
    Matthew Phillips, Helena Solo-Gabriele, Alan Piggot, and James Klaus
    Presentation (PDF) (1 pg, 470K)
  • Sediment Biofilms: Refugia for Fecal Indicator Bacteria?
    Alan Piggot, Matthew Phillips, Helena Solo-Gabriele, and James Klaus
    Presentation (PDF) (1 pg, 7.4MB)
  • Staphylococcus aureus and Methicillin Resistant S. aureus (MRSA) in Recreational Marine Waters and on the Beaches of South Florida
    Lisa Plano, Maribeth Gidley, Anna Garza, Helena Solo-Gabriele, Cristina Ortega, Chris Sinigalliano, Lora Fleming, Jonathan Kish, Samir Elmir, John Wang, Kelly Withum, Tomoyoki Shibata, Amir Abdelzaher, Guoqing He, Mary Wright, Julie Hollenbeck, and Jay Fleisher
    Presentation (PDF) (1 pg, 249K)
  • Florida's Experience—Developing Appropriate Public Health Response Strategies to Aquatic Risks: A County-up Approach
    Andrew Reich, Sharon Ketchen, Dana Mulliens, and Carina Blackmore
    Presentation (PDF) (1 pg, 331K)
  • Protecting Lake Michigan Water Quality: Addressing Reversals and Beach Use Restrictions
    Geeta Rijal, Richard Gore, Auralene Glymph, Catherine O'Connor, and Thomas Granato
    Presentation (PDF) (1 pg, 1.8MB)
  • Are Fresh Water Streams Potential Reservoirs for Opportunistic S. Aureus and Methicillin-resistant S. Aureus [MRSA] at Marine Recreational Beaches?
    Marilyn Roberts, Emily Levin-Edens, Amy Stiffarm, David No, Olusegun Soge, and John Scott Meschke
    Presentation (PDF) (1 pg, 14K)
  • Sources and Fate of Salmonella and Fecal Indicator Bacteria in an Urban Creek
    Lauren Sassoubre, Sarah Walters, Todd Russell, Alexandria Boehm
    Presentation (PDF) (1 pg, 7.8MB)
  • Exploratory Study of Bacteria, Protozoa, Yeast, Helminthes, and Viruses of Health Significance at a Recreational Beach
    Ashish Shah, Amir Abdelzaher, Helena Solo-Gabriel, Matthew Phillips, Rafael Hernandez, Jonathan Kish, Gloria Scorzetti, Jack Fell, Mara Diaz, Troy Scott, Jerzy Lukasik, Valerie Harwood, Shannon McQuaig, Chris Sinigalliano, Maribeth Gidley, David Wanless, Arba Agar, Jenbon Lui, Jill Stewart, Lisa Plano, and Lora Fleming
    Presentation (PDF) (1 pg, 482K)
  • Interpretation of Enterococci Signal from the BEACHES Epidemiologic Study
    Ashish Shah, Amir Abdelzaher, Helena Solo-Gabriel, Matthew Phillips, Rafael Hernandez, Jonathan Kish, Gloria Scorzetti, Jack Fell, Mara Diaz, Troy Scott, Jerzy Lukasik, Valerie Harwood, Shannon McQuaig, Chris Sinigalliano, Maribeth Gidley, David Wanless, Arba Agar, Jenbon Lui, Jill Stewart, Lisa Plano, and Lora Fleming
    Presentation (PDF) (1 pg, 416K)
  • V. vulnificus in Sport Fish Mucus and Recreational Waters of South Texas
    Lijie Shi, Gregory Stunz, Katrina Gordon, Gregory Buck, and Joanna Mott
    Presentation (PDF) (1 pg, 880K)
  • Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment of Human Illness from Exposure to Beach Sand
    Tomoyuki Shibata and Helena Solo-Gabriele
    Presentation (PDF) (1 pg, 141K)
  • Model Program for Bacterial Source Identification and Abatement: Redondo Beach Pier Pilot Project
    Terri Slifko, Ann Heil, Kathy Walker, Ryan Reinke, Jason Gregory, Michele Padilla, and Mike Shay
    Presentation (PDF) (1 pg, 370K)
  • Development of a Predictive Water-quality Model for Recreational Beaches
    Pamela Struffolino, Daryl Dwyer, Amie Brady, and Kristopher Barnswell
    Presentation (PDF) (1 pg, 543K)
  • Modeling Bacterial Transport and Fate at Southport Beach, Connecticut
    Craig Swanson
    Presentation (PDF) (1 pg, 2.2MB)
  • Comparison of Surfing Health Risk in Dry Weather and Post-storm Conditions Using Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment (QMRA) for Southern California Beaches
    Linda Tseng and Sunny Jiang
    Presentation (PDF) (1 pg, 745K)
  • Spatial and Temporal Variation in Indicator Microbe Sampling and its Effects on Beach Management Decisions
    Laura Vogel, Amber Enns, Amir Abdelzaher, and Helena Solo-Gabriele
    Presentation (PDF) (1 pg, 133K)
  • Great Lakes Adopt-a-BeachTM Volunteers Improving Beach Health Year-Round
    Lyman Welch
    Presentation (PDF) (2 pp, 708K)
  • Antimicrobial Stormwater Treatment Methods to Protect Beaches
    Bjorn White
    Presentation (PDF) (1 pg, 1.9MB)
  • Enterococci Release from Sand: A Comparison between Bench Scale Agitation and Full-scale Wave Action
    Yifan Zhang, David Hernandez, Matthew Phillips, and Helena Solo-Gabriele
    Presentation (PDF) (1 pg, 271K)

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