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Water: Beaches

2012 Swimming Season Statistics

For the eighth consecutive year, in 2012, the nation’s coastal and Great Lakes beaches were open 95 percent of the time during the swimming season.  Read about more 2012 national beach monitoring and notification statistics (PDF) (4 pp, 515K) as well as recent developments in EPA's beach program. 

This is the final annual beach report. You can find the most currently available swimming season statistics in BEACON.

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

State factsheet

Raw data

 Alabama (PDF) (2 pp, 471K)  Alabama (Excel, 54K)
 Alaska (PDF) (2 pp, 484K)  Alaska (Excel, 36K)
 American Samoa (PDF) (2 pp, 467K)  American Samoa (Excel, 87K)
 California (PDF) (2 pp, 474K)  California (Excel, 208K)
 Connecticut (PDF) (2 pp, 494K)  Connecticut (Excel, 81K)
 Delaware (PDF) (2 pp, 633K)  Delaware (Excel, 49K)
 Florida (PDF) (2 pp, 544K)  Florida (Excel, 238K)
 Georgia (PDF) (2 pp, 473K)  Georgia (Excel, 61K)
 Grand Portage (PDF) (2 pp, 467K)  Grand Portage (Excel, 49K)
 Guam (PDF) (2 pp, 449K)  Guam (Excel, 65K)
 Hawaii (PDF) (2 pp, 474K)  Hawaii (Excel, 121K)
 Illinois (PDF) (2 pp, 464K)  Illinois (Excel, 80K)
 Indiana (PDF) (2 pp, 482K)  Indiana (Excel, 67K)
 Louisiana (PDF) (2 pp, 488K)  Louisiana (Excel, 64K)
 Maine (PDF) (2 pp, 531K)  Maine (Excel, 79K)
 Makah Tribe (PDF) (2 pp, 460K)  Makah Tribe (Excel, 46K)
 Maryland (PDF) (2 pp, 506K)  Maryland (Excel, 77K)
 Massachusetts (PDF) (2 pp, 499K)  Massachusetts (Excel, 282K)
 Michigan (PDF) (2 pp, 523K)  Michigan (Excel, 234K)
 Minnesota (PDF) (2 pp, 480K)  Minnesota (Excel, 73K)
 Mississippi (PDF) (2 pp, 467K)  Mississippi (Excel, 60K)
 New Hampshire (PDF) (2 pp, 466K)  New Hampshire (Excel, 50K)
 New Jersey (PDF) (2 pp, 452K)  New Jersey (Excel, 278K)
 New York (PDF) (2 pp, 519K)  New York (Excel, 194K)
 North Carolina (PDF) (2 pp, 477K)  North Carolina (Excel, 152K)
 Northern Mariana Islands (PDF) (2 pp, 466K)  Northern Mariana Islands (Excel, 95K)
 Ohio (PDF) (2 pp, 473K)  Ohio (Excel, 101K)
 Oregon (PDF) (2 pp, 468K)  Oregon (Excel, 67K)
 Pennsylvania (PDF) (2 pp, 464K)  Pennsylvania (Excel, 54K)
 Puerto Rico (PDF) (2 pp, 481K)  Puerto Rico (Excel, 73K)
 Rhode Island (PDF) (2 pp, 488K)  Rhode Island (Excel, 90K)
 South Carolina (PDF) (2 pp, 483K)  South Carolina (Excel, 58K)
 Texas (PDF) (2 pp, 486K)  Texas (Excel, 112K)
 Virgin Islands (PDF) (2 pp, 554K)  Virgin Islands (Excel, 65K)
 Virginia (PDF) (2 pp, 472K)  Virginia (Excel, 70K)
 Washington (PDF) (2 pp, 520K)  Washington (Excel, 272K)
 Wisconsin (PDF) (2 pp, 480K)  Wisconsin (Excel, 153K)

See the latest information that coastal and Great Lakes states, territories and tribes have sent to EPA.

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