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Water: National Coastal Condition Report

Comparing Scores by Indicator & Region: NCCR I and NCCR II

Factsheet: National Coastal Condition Report II (2005) [HTML Format | PDF format, 420KB, 2 pages]

Download the National Coastal Condition Report II (2005) in PDF format

Comparing Scores by Indicator and Regions: NCCR I and NCCRII [HTML format | PDF format 49 KB, 1 page]

Download the National Coastal Condition Report (2001) in PDF format

Coastal Research and Monitoring Strategy (PDF, 1.1MB, 70 pages)

About PDF files

Comparing data between the NCCR I and NCCR II is complicated because, in some cases, indicators were changed in order to improve the assessment. For example, in the NCCR I, seven indicators were used, including multiple indicators for water quality, whereas a single combined water quality indicator is used in the NCCR II. In addition, reference conditions for some of the indicators were modified to reflect regional differences in the NCCR II. In order to facilitate a more consistent comparison between these two reports, the values reported in the Executive Summary of the NCCR I and NCCR II and Appendix C, of the NCCR II were recalculated and presented here using consistent indicators but incorporating the individual scoring methods from each report.

The table below shows overall condition in U.S. estuaries by indicator and region comparing the NCCR I vs. the NCCR II. This table fully populates and corrects Table C-2 in Appendix C of the NCCR II.

Rating Scoresa by Indicator and Region
Comparing 2001 vs 2005 National Coastal Condition Reports

(Calculated Using Consitet Indicators but Different Scoring Methods from Each Report)

Indicator NE SE GOM West GL PRb USc
Water Quality Index 1/2d 4/4 1/3 1/3 -/3 3 1.7/3.0
Water Clarity 5/2 4/4 3/1 5/1 5/4 3 4.3/2.0
Dissolved Oxygen 4/3 5/5 5/5 5/5 4/5 5 4.5/4.3
Sediment Quality Index 1/1 3/4 1/3 1/2 1/1 1 1.3/2.1
Wetland Loss 2/4 2/3 1/3 1/3 1/2 - 1.4/2.7
Benthos 1/1 2/3 1/2 3/3 1/2 1 1.4/2.0
Fish Tissue COntaminants 1/1 5/5 1/3 3/1 1/3 - 1.9/2.7
Overall 2.1/2.0 3.6/4.0 1.9/2.9 2.7/2.6 2.2/2.9 -/2.6 2.4/2.7

a Rating scores are based upon a 5-point scale, where ! is poor and 5 is good
b Scores for Puerto Rico are only available for 2005 report
c U.S. Score is based upon an area-weighted mean of regional scores

A further explanation of the normalization of the National Coastal Condition Reports, can be found in Appendix C of the NCCR II.



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