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Water: Bioassessment

Lake and Reservoir Bioassessment and Biocriteria: Technical Guidance Document


Lake and Reservoir Bioassessment and Biocriteria Technical Guidance Document, (EPA 841-B-98-007)

This EPA guidance document provides a tool to assist lake managers in using scientifically valid, practical biological assessment in the management of the Nation's lakes and reservoirs. The guidance was developed based on the experiences of existing state, regional and national lake monitoring programs, some of which are cited in case studies throughout the document.

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

Lake and Reservoir Bioassessment and Biocriteria Technical Guidance Document (PDF)(entire document) (257pp, 2.5MB)
Title Page, Front Matter, Table of Contents (PDF) (10pp, 68K)
Ch. 1 The Protection of Biological Integrity (PDF) (9pp, 98K)
Ch. 2 Lake Biological Monitoring in USEPA, Local, State, Tribal, and Regional Protection and Management Programs (PDF) (10pp, 146K)
Ch. 3 Overview of Bioassessment and Birocriteria (PDF) (13pp, 183K)
Ch. 4 Selection and Characterization of Reference Conditions (PDF) (19pp, 182K)
Ch. 5 Habitat Measurement (PDF) (7pp, 100K)
Ch. 6 Biological Assemblages (PDF) (11pp, 148K)
Ch. 7 Tiered Sampling (PDF) (31pp, 464K)
Ch. 8 Index Development (PDF) (19pp, 175K)
Ch. 9 Quality Assurance: Design, Precision and Management (PDF) (21pp, 208K)
Ch. 10 Biocriteria Implementation (PDF) (9pp, 99K)
Appendix A- Glossary of Terms (PDF) (6pp, 51K)
Appendix B- Comparision of Existing Lakes Protocols (PDF) (3pp, 82K)
Appendix C- Paleolimnological Sampling (Sedimented Diatoms) (PDF) (1pp, 62K)
Appendix D- Biological Assemblages (PDF) (19pp, 206K)
Appendix E- Statistical Analysis Methods for Biological Assessment (PDF) (27pp, 201K)
Appendix F- Executive Summaries of State Pilot Studies (PDF) (21pp, 385K)
Appendix G-Literature Cited (PDF) (22pp, 108K)

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