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Water: Pulp & Paper

Effluent Guidelines - Pulp and Paper Rulemaking Actions - Final Pulp and Paper Cluster Rule

The Final Pulp and Paper Cluster Rule protects human health and the environment by reducing toxic releases to the air and water from U.S. pulp and paper mills.

Preamble - Explains EPA's rationale for developing the final air and water Cluster Rule.

Final Air Rule (Amends 40 CFR Part 63 and Part 261) - The final air rule covers MACT I emissions (non-combustion sources from pulping and bleaching operations at chemical and semi-chemical wood pulping mills); and MACT III emissions (non-combustion sources from mills that mechanically pulp wood, pulp secondary fibers, or pulp non-wood materials, and those that use paper machine additives and solvents).

Final Water Rule (Amends 40 CFR Part 430) - The final water rule applies to mills in Subpart B (Bleached Papergrade Kraft and Soda) and Subpart E (Papergrade Sulfite) Subcategories and includes BAT limitations and Best Management Practice (BMP) requirements.

Federal Register Notices for Final Air and Water Rules
(63 FR 18504-18751, April 15, 1998 and 63 FR 42238-42240, August 7, 1998)

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

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