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Water: Pesticides

Effluent Guidelines - Amendments to the Pesticide Manufacturing Effluent Guidelines for Pendimethalin

United States
Environmental Protection
Office of Water
May 1998


EPA is simultaneously publishing a proposal and direct final rule in the Federal Register to amend the 1993 Pesticide Manufacturing effluent guidelines. The amendments only affect new and existing facilities that manufacture the pesticide active ingredient (PAI) pendimethalin. These amendments are based on additional effluent monitoring data submitted to the Agency by the only known existing pendimethalin manufacturer. The amendments slightly increase the daily maximum and monthly average effluent limitations for pendimethalin listed for new and existing direct and indirect discharges. These amendments are not expected to have any additional economic or environmental impact to the 1993 final effluent guidelines.


In February 1994, a company filed a petition for review of the final effluent limitations guidelines and standards. This company provided EPA with some additional long-term monitoring data for pendimethalin. The Agency evaluated the data and agreed to revise the limitations for pendimethalin based on these new data. Also, EPA and the company agreed upon the approach for determining which daily monitoring data to use to calculate today's revised pendimethalin limitations.

A full discussion of the development of the final pesticide chemicals manufacturing effluent limitations guidelines and standards is presented in the preamble to the final rule (58 FR 50638; September 28, 1993).

Effect of Agency Action

EPA does not anticipate any changes to the economic achievability or environmental impact of the 1993 final Pesticide Manufacturing effluent guidelines. The amendments to the previously promulgated pendimethalin limitations do not alter the technology basis for the treatment of pendimethalin; and therefore, do not impose any additional compliance costs. In addition, the amended limitations, which affect one pesticide manufacturer currently, represent only minor increases in the allowable pendimethalin discharge loadings to the environment.

Why Publish a Direct Final Rule and a Proposed Rule?

EPA is promulgating these changes as a "direct" final rule because the changes to the limitations are very minor and currently only affect one pesticide manufacturing company and because the Agency does not expect relevant adverse comments. Nevertheless, since it is possible that there are such interested parties, EPA is providing an opportunity for the public to submit comments on these amendments by issuing a separate, parallel notice of "proposed" rulemaking to solicit comments as well as a direct final rule in the same Federal Register. The rules are available for public review for 60 days. If significant adverse comments are not received, then the Agency will not need to take any further action. This direct final rule will become effective on its effective date (90 days after publication).

For Further Information

For additional information on the Amendments to the Pesticide Manufacturing Effluent Limitations and Standards for Pendimethalin, contact Shari Zuskin, U.S. EPA, Office of Water, Engineering and Analysis Division (4303), 401 M Street, SW, Washington, DC 20460. Telephone: (202) 260-7130 or E-MAIL: zuskin.shari@epamail.epa.gov.


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