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Water: Pesticides

Pollution Prevention (P2) Guidance Manual for the Pesticide Formulating, Packaging, and Repackaging Industry: Implementing the P2 Alternative

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

The Pollution Prevention Guidance Manual can be viewed on-line by chapter (PDF, using Adobe Acrobat reader) or downloaded in its entirety (PDF, 4,469K, 292 pages). Please note that, due to their size and complexity, certain chapters may only be available in a summary form. In addition, the entire manual can be viewed on-line by chapter (PDF, using Adobe Acrobat reader) or downloaded in it's entirety (PDF, 4,469K, 292 pages).

Foreword and Acknowledgments  PDF (117K) (HTML)

  • An introductory notice regarding the publication of this manual and aforeword describing the scope of the manual, as well as an acknowledgments section.

Chapter 1: Introduction  PDF (87K) (HTML)

  • An introduction to the guidance manual, including the topics of pollution prevention and the effluent guidelines promulgated on September 30, 1996 for the PFPR industry.

Chapter 2: PFPR Operations  PDF (366K) (HTML)

  • Basic descriptions of PFPR operations (e.g., dry formulating, aerosol packaging, and repackaging) for those readers unfamiliar with this industry.

Chapter 3: Pollution Prevention Glossary  PDF (267K) (HTML)

  • Glossary of the specific P2 practices and equipment required to implement the P2 alternative, as well as other P2 practices and equipment found in the industry, including illustrations and benefits of use.

Chapter 4: Conducting the P2 Audit  PDF (179K) (HTML)

  • Instructions and an example for conducting P2 audits to evaluate water management practices at PFPR facilities and to aid in making compliance decisions.

Chapter 5: Wastewater Treatment Technologies  PDF (84K) (HTML)

  • Five cost-effective wastewater treatment technologies (emulsion breaking, activated carbon adsorption, chemical oxication, chemical precipitation, and hydrolysis) for the removal or destruction of pesticide active ingredients, and references to other technologies that effectively treat PFPR wastewater.

Chapter 6: Conducting the Treatability Test  PDF (231K) (HTML)

  • Information on how to conduct a treatability test, including instructions and an example for completing treatability test tables to aid in making compliance decisions.

Chapter 7: Regulatory Compliance Documentation  PDF (129K) (HTML)

  • Evaluation of wastewater treatment system performance, compliance with the PFPR effluent guidelines rule, and certification paperwork.

Chapter 8: Case Studies  PDF (329K) (HTML)

  • Two case studies to provide guidance to the user in complying with the PFPR regulation.

Chapter 9: Where to Get Additional P2 Help  PDF (85K) (HTML)

  • List of resources for additional help in complying with the regulation.

Chapter 10: Workshop Questions and Answers  PDF (1,066K) (HTML)

  • Questions (grouped by topic) asked at the five workshops EPA conducted on the PFPR rule in July through September 1997 and EPA's responses to those questions.

List of Appendices (HTML)

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