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Water: Waste Treatment

Centralized Waste Treatment Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet; EPA 821-F-01-013; September 2001

EPA is issuing a Small Entity Compliance Guide for the Centralized Waste Treatment (CWT) Point Source Category. This Guide, designed for small entities, provides easy-to-readdescriptions of the final wastewater regulations that EPA issued in December 2000. The Guide focuses on information that small businesses need to comply with the regulations.

Background on Small Businesses and the CWT Rule

EPA issued effluent limitations guidelines and standards for the CWT Category on December 22,2000. These guidelines apply to wastewater discharges associated with the operation of new andexisting centralized waste treatment facilities which accept hazardous or non-hazardousindustrial wastes, wastewater, and/or used material from off-site for treatment of the wastesand/or recovery of materials from the wastes. This Guide will aid the many small businesses thatmake up nearly half of the CWT industry. EPA has a commitment to minimize the burden ofenvironmental regulations on small entities. The Small Business Regulatory EnforcementFairness Act furthers the Agency's partnerships with small entities in several ways, includingsome obligations for compliance assistance. This Guide specifically responds to a requirementthat EPA prepare a plain language explanation of how to comply with the CWT regulation.

Contents of the CWT Small Entity Compliance Guide

EPA designed the Guide to help owners and operators of CWT facilities that are small entities -whether they are small businesses, small government jurisdictions, or small non-profitorganizations - understand and comply with the CWT effluent limitations guidelines andpretreatment standards. The Guide focuses on what a small entity will need to know to complywith the regulation. A small entity is defined as (1) a small business with gross revenue under $6million (based on Small Business Administration size standards); (2) a small governmentaljurisdiction that is a government of a city, county, town, school district or special district with apopulation less than 50,000; and (3) a small organization that is any not-for-profit enterprisewhich is independently owned and operated and is not dominant in its field.

The Guide begins with general information on effluent limitations guidelines and pretreatmentstandards (that is, what they are), then presents an overview of the CWT industry, followed byseveral chapters on specific CWT compliance issues. The easy-to-read presentations cover avariety of compliance topics, including:

  • types of facilities covered by the rule
  • compliance timetables
  • how to correct violations

The Guide also includes a chapter on frequently-asked questions.

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How to Get Additional Information

The Small Entity Compliance Guide, along with the Federal Register notice and supporting documents for the CWT rule, is available. For additional information about the compliance Guide, please contact Mr. M. Ahmar Siddiqui (siddiqui.ahmar@epa.gov) or (202) 566-1044.

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