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Water: Construction

Construction and Development: Related Links

Stormwater management information available from EPA and other organizations.

EPA Programs

Databases, BMP Manuals and Related Stormwater Resources

These links EXIT EPA: Exit EPA Disclaimer

National Storm Water BMP Database American Society of Civil Engineers
Online BMP performance and design data
Stormwater Manager's Resource Center
Technical assistance on all aspects of stormwater management
California Dept. of Transportation (CalTrans)
Storm Water Quality Handbooks
California Stormwater Quality Association
Stormwater BMP Handbooks
(New Development & Redevelopment; Construction; Industrial & Commercial; Municipal)

Atlanta Regional Commission
Georgia Stormwater Management Manual

Knoxville, Tennessee
BMP Manual
Maine Dept. of Environmental Protection Maine Erosion & Sediment Control Manual
Maryland Dept. of Environment Stormwater Design Manual
Massachusetts Dept. of Environmental Protection
Stormwater Handbooks
New Jersey Dept. of Environmental Protection
Stormwater BMP Manual
New York State
Stormwater Management Design Manual
North Carolina Dept. of Environment & Natural Resources
BMP & Site Planning Manuals
Northern Virginia Regional Commission
BMP Handbooks (design, maintenance, retrofit)
Texas Nonpoint Sourcebook - Interactive BMP Selector
Vermont Dept. of Environmental Conservation
Vermont Stormwater Manual

Virginia Dept. of Conservation & Recreation
Erosion & Sediment Control Handbook

Stormwater Management Handbook

Washington State Dept. of Ecology - Storm Water Management Manual
Washington State Dept. of Transportation
Highway Runoff Manual

Professional Organizations in Erosion & Sediment Control and Storm Water Management Exit EPA Disclaimer

Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control
Environmental & Water Resources Institute
American Society of Civil Engineers
International Erosion Control Association
Soil and Water Conservation Society

Conservation Design and Low Impact Development Exit EPA Disclaimer

Friends of the Rappahannock
LID Programs - Fredericksburg, VA

Growing Greener: Putting Conservation into Local Codes
Natural Lands Trust, Inc.

Jordan Cove Urban Watershed Project
Long-term stormwater BMP monitoring project - Waterford, CT

Low Impact Development Center
Conferences and Publications on LID Techniques

LID Design Tools
A new collection of stormwater management techniques for urban retrofits, re-development and new development projects. Includes interactive design tool, with illustrations, sizing & cost guidance, and sample specifications.

Natural Drainage Systems
Capital improvement projects (retrofits) to improve stormwater quality Seattle Public Utilities

Reducing Runoff
Guidance on Site Design Elements - University of Connecticut

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