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Effluent Guidelines Biennial Plan: Past Effluent Guidelines Program Plans: 2004 Plan

EPA publishes a final Effluent Guidelines Program Plan every even year as is required by Section 304(m) of the Clean Water Act. Prior to publishing the final Plan, EPA must publish a preliminary Plan and take public comment. The following documents and links provide information on the 2004 Plan.

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

  • Fact Sheet (August 2004)
  • Federal Register notice (September 2, 2004)
    This notice describes EPA's 2004 annual review of existing effluent guidelines under Clean Water Act section 304(b) and presents EPA's final 2004 Effluent Guidelines Program Plan under Clean Water Act §304(m).
  • Technical Support Document (PDF) (559 pp, 4.6 MB)
  • View other support documents using Regulation.gov, searching for Docket ID No. OW-2003-0074 among EPA "closed for comment" documents.

Preliminary 2004 Effluent Guidelines Program Plan

Draft Strategy for National Clean Water Industrial Regulations (November 2002)
EPA published a draft Strategy that describes a process EPA may use to identify industries for which effluent guidelines need to be revised or developed, in compliance with Section 304(m) of the Clean Water Act.

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