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Water: State, Tribal & Territorial Standards

Repository of Documents: Maine

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The following documents contain additional provisions that may be outside the scope of the Clean Water Act and implementing water quality standards federal regulations, but are included here as supplementary information and for context. Documents marked with an asterisk (*) are not part of the official Maine CWA-WQS docket and therefore not subject to review under the Clean Water Act. For more information about the official Maine docket, visit the Maine Water Quality Standards "Docket" page.


The following statutes are from the Maine Revised Statutes, Title 38, Chapter 3, Subchapter 1: Environmental Protection Board.

Article 1: Organization and General Provisions
38 MRSA 361-A: Definitions (PDF) (4 pp, 124K)
(Effective April 17, 2006)
38 MRSA 363-D: Waiver or modification of protection and improvement laws (PDF) (1 pg, 101K)
(Effective August 19, 2009)
Article 1-F: Nonpoint Source Pollution Program
38 MRSA 410-H: Definitions (PDF) (1 pg, 107K)
38 MRSA 410-I: Program Implementation (PDF) (1 pg, 100K)
38 MRSA 413: Waste Discharge Licenses (PDF) (9 pp, 139K)
Article 2: Pollution Control
38 MRSA 414-A: Conditions of licenses (PDF) (6 pp, 144K)
38 MRSA 414-B: Publicly owned treatment works (PDF) (2 pp, 111K)
38 MRSA 414-C: Color pollution control (PDF) (2 pp, 116K)
38 MRSA 417: Certain deposits and discharges prohibited (PDF) (1 pg, 109K)
38 MRSA 418: Log driving and storage (PDF) (2 pp, 113K)
38 MRSA 418-A: Protection of the lower Penobscot River (PDF) (1 pg, 109K)
38 MRSA 419-A: Prohibition on the use of tributyltin as an antifouling agent (PDF) (2 pp, 111K)
38 MRSA 419-B *: Goals for dates of removal of transformers containing polychlorinated biphenyls (PDF) (2 pp, 118K)
38 MRSA 420: Certain deposits and discharges prohibited (PDF) (5 pp, 130K) (Effective January 25, 2005)
38 MRSA 423: Discharge of waste from watercraft (PDF) (2 pp, 112K)
38 MRSA 423-A: Discharge of waste from motor vehicles (PDF) (1 pg, 105K)
Article 3: Enforcement
38 MRSA 451: Enforcement (PDF) (2 pp, 113K)
38 MRSA 451-A: Time schedule variances (PDF) (4 pp, 128K)
Article 4-A: Water Classification Program
38 MRSA 464: Classification of Maine Waters (PDF) (14 pp, 185K)
(Effective April 17, 2006)
38 MRSA 465: Standards for classification of fresh surface waters (PDF) (5 pp, 131K) (Effective August 19, 2009)
38 MRSA 465-A: Standards for classification of lakes and ponds (PDF) (2 pp, 113K) (Effective August 19, 2009)
38 MRSA 465-B: Standards for classification of estuarine and marine waters (PDF) (2 pp, 117K) (Effective August 19, 2009)
38 MRSA 465-C *: Standards of classification of groundwater (PDF) (1 pg, 106K)
38 MRSA 466: Definitions (PDF) (3 pp, 122K)
38 MRSA 467: Classification of major river basins (PDF) (21 pp, 202K) (Effective May 19, 2010)
38 MRSA 468: Classification of minor drainages (PDF) (6 pp, 130K) (Effective May 19, 2010)
38 MRSA 469: Classification of estuarine and marine waters (PDF) (7 pp, 38K) (Effective July 20, 2011)
38 MRSA 470 *: Classification of groundwater (PDF) (1 pg, 104K)
38 MRSA 470-H *: In-stream flow and water level requirements; rules (PDF) (1 pg, 108K)

The following statutes are from the Maine Revised Statutes, Title 38, Chapter 5, Subchapter 1: Mills and Dams:

Article 1: Erection and Flowage Rights
Subarticle 1-B: Permits for Hydropower Projects Heading: PL 1983, C. 458, §18
     38 MRSA 636 (hydropower projects): Approval criteria (PDF) (3 pp, 119K)
PL 1999 Chapter 720: An Act Regarding Discharges from Small Fish Hatcheries That Operated Prior to 1986 (PDF) (1 pg, 74K)
(Effective August 11, 2000)


06-096 CMR 450 and 06-061 CMR 11: Administrative Regulation for Hydropower Projects (PDF) (13 pp, 70K)
06-096 CMR 514: Regulations Concerning the Use of Aquatic Pesticides (PDF) (1 pg, 19K)
06-096 CMR 519: Interim Effluent Limitations and Controls for the Discharge of Mercury (PDF) (6 pp, 40K)
06-096 CMR 530: Surface Waters Toxic Control Program (PDF) (12 pp, 86K)
(Effective April 17, 2006)
06-096 CMR 532: Large Commercial Passenger Vessels (PDF) (5 pp, 124K)
06-096 CMR 550: Discontinuance of Wastewater Treatment Lagoons (PDF) (2 pp, 22K)
06-096 CMR 570: Stormwater and Combined Sewer Overflows (PDF) (9 pp, 54K)
06-096 CMR 573: Snow Dumps: Exemption from Waste Discharge License (PDF) (2 pp, 21K)
06-096 CMR 579: Classification Attainment Evaluation Using Biological Criteria for Rivers and Streams (PDF) (18 pp, 114K)
(Effective January 25, 2005)
06-096 CMR 581: Regulations Relating to Water Quality Evaluations (PDF) (2 pp, 23K)
06-096 CMR 582: Regulations Relating to Temperature (PDF) (1 pg, 18K)
06-096 CMR 584: Surface Water Quality for Toxic Pollutants (PDF) (23 pp, 233K)
(Effective September 18, 2006)
06-096 CMR 585: Identification of Fish Spawning Areas and Designation of Salmonid Spawning Areas (PDF) (2 pp, 78K)
06-096 CMR 586: Rules Pertaining to Discharges to Class A Waters (PDF) (2 pp, 24K)
06-096 CMR 587 *: In-stream flow and water level requirements (PDF) (10 pp, 143K)
Letter from Maine DEP to U.S. EPA clarifying provisions of Maine water quality standards related to dam impoundments (PDF) (5 pp, 305K)
Federal Regulations, 40 CFR 131.41
(Effective December 16, 2004) Federal regulations establishing bacteria criteria for coastal and Great Lakes waters. This regulation is also known as the Beach Rule.

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