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Water: State, Tribal & Territorial Standards

Repository of Documents: Alaska

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Federal Regulations, 40 CFR 131.41
(Effective December 16, 2004) Federal regulations establishing bacteria criteria for coastal and Great Lakes waters. This regulation is also known as the Beach Rule.
Criteria Withdrawal
On October 29, 2004, EPA withdrew certain federal WQ criteria for Alaska, Arkansas, and Puerto Rico.
Water Quality Standards, Chapter 70 (PDF) (60 pp, 286K)
(Effective February 27, 2004) These regulations contain additional provisions related to groundwater and enforcement discretion provisions (18 AAC 70.005, 18 AAC 70.050 (2) and 18 AAC 70.990 (28)) that are outside the scope of the federal water quality standards regulations. However, these provisions have been included here as context for the reader.
Alaska Water Quality Criteria Manual for Toxic and Other Deleterious Organic and Inorganic Substances (PDF) (52 pp, 382K)
(Effective February 27, 2004) Please note that certain provisions contained in this document are not effective for Clean Water Act purposes (see cover page for more info)
Federal Regulations, 40 CFR 131.36
Toxics criteria for those states not complying with Clean Water Act section 303(c)(2)(B). This federal regulation establishes water quality criteria for certain toxic pollutants. The regulation is also known as the National Toxics Rule.

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