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Water: Mixing Zones

Mixing Zone Resources

Selected resources for mixing zones.


Cornell Mixing Zone Expert System (CORMIX)

The Cornell Mixing Zone Expert System (CORMIX) is a mixing zone model and decision support system for environmental impact assessment of regulatory mixing zones resulting from continuous point source discharges. CORMIX emphasizes the role of boundary interaction to predict steady state mixing behavior and plume geometry.

Visual Plumes (VP)

Visual Plumes (VP) is a windows-based computer application that supersedes the DOS-based version, called simply PLUMES. VP simulates single and merging submerged aquatic plumes in arbitrarily stratified ambient flow and buoyant surface discharges.

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Water Quality Standards Academy

The "Water Quality Standards Academy" is best known for the "Basic Course," which is an introductory course designed for those with fewer than six months experience with water quality standards and criteria programs. However, others may benefit from the course, including veterans of the water quality standards program who want a refresher course.

NPDES Permit Writers' Training Course

The objective of the NPDES Permit Writers' Training Course is to provide the basic regulatory framework and technical considerations that support the development of wastewater discharge permits as required under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit Program. The course is designed for new permit writers, highlighting the process of developing, issuing and complying with NPDES permits. The format of the course is a combination of lecture, case examples, and practical exercises that are geared to acquaint participants with the tools and resources available to assist them in writing NPDES permits.

Links to NPDES Permitting Information

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