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Water: Economics

Policy & Guidance: Worksheet S

Interim Economic Guidance for Water Quality Standards

Municipal Preliminary Screener

The Municipal Preliminary Screener indicates quickly whether a public entity will not incur any substantial economic impacts as a result of the proposed pollution control project. The formula is as follows:

Total Annual Pollution Control Cost per Household
Median Household Income

= 100

A. Calculation of The Municipal Preliminary Screener

Total Annual Pollution Control Cost Per Household [Worksheet C, (11) or Worksheet C, Option A (10) ] $________ (1)
Median Household Income* $________ (2)
Municipal Preliminary Screener (Calculate: [(1)/(2)] x 100) ________%(3)

B. Evaluation of The Municipal Preliminary Screener

If the Municipal Preliminary Screener is clearly less than 1.0%, then it is assumed that the cost will not impose an undue financial burden. In this case, it is not necessary to continue with the Secondary Test. Otherwise, it is necessary to continue.

Benchmark Comparison:

Little Impact

Mid-Range Impact

Large Impact

Less than 1.0%

1.0% - 2.0%

Greater than 2.0%

Indication of no substantial economic impacts

Proceed to Secondary Test

* 1990 Census adjusted by CPI inflation rate if necessary.

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