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Water: Economics

Policy & Guidance: Worksheet B

Interim Economic Guidance for Water Quality Standards

Calculation of Total Annualized Project Costs

A. Capital Costs

Capital Cost of Project


Other One-Time Costs of Project (Please List, if any):




Total Capital Costs (Sum column)


Portion of Capital Costs to be Paid for with Grant Monies

$ ________(2)

Capital Costs to be Financed [Calculate: (1) - (2) ]

$ ________(3)

Type of financing (e.g., G.O. bond, revenue bond, bank loan)
Interest Rate for Financing (expressed as decimal)


Time Period of Financing (in years)

Annualization Factor =
(or see Appendix B)


Annualized Capital Cost [Calculate: (3) x (4) ]

B. Operating and Maintenance Costs

Annual Costs of Operation and Maintenance (including but not limited to: monitoring, inspection, permitting fees, waste disposal charges, repair, administration and replacement.) (Please list below)











Total Annual O & M Costs (Sum column)

$ ________(6)

C. Total Annual Cost of Pollution Control Project

Total Annual Cost of Pollution Control Project [ (5) + (6) ]

$________ (7)

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