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Water: Selenium

Aquatic Life Criteria for Selenium: References for Selenium Chronic Toxicity Data Obtained Since 2004

October 2008

Relevant studies given careful review and consideration for use in establishing a chronic criterion are as follows:

  1. Crane, M. T. Flower, D. Holmes, and S. Watson . 1992. The toxicity of selenium in experimental freshwater ponds. Arch. Environ. Contamin. Toxicol. 23:440-452.
  2. Deng, X. 2005. Early life stages of Sacramento splittail (Pogonichthys macrolepidotus) and selenium toxicity to splittail embryos, juveniles and adults. Doctoral dissertation, University of California, Davis.
  3. de Rosemond, S.C., K. Liber, and A. Rosaasen. 2005. Relationship between embryo selenium concentration and early life stage development in white sucker (Catostomus commersoni) from a northern Canadian lake. Bull. Environ. Contam. Toxicol. 74:1134-1142.
  4. Doroshov, S., J. Van Eenennaam, C. Alexander, E. Hallen, H. Bailey, K. Kroll, and C. Restrepo. 1992. Development of Water Quality Criteria for Resident Aquatic Species of the San Joaquin River. Final Report to State Water Resources Control Board, State of California. Contract Number 7-197-250-0.
  5. GEI Consultants, Inc. 2008. Maternal Transfer of Selenium in Fathead Minnows, with Modeling of Ovary Tissue-to-Whole Body Concentrations. Chadwick Ecological Division, Littleton, CO. Project 062790.
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  7. Muscatello, J.R., P.M. Bennett, K.T. Himbeault, A.M. Belknap and D.M. Janz. 2006. Larval deformities associated with selenium accumulation in northern pike (Esox lucius) exposed to metal mining effluent. Environ. Sci. Technol. 40:6506-6512.
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