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Water: Applications & Databases

Technical Tools for Watershed Management

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Technical Tools

  • Watershed Plan Builder
    This site provides information and tools developed by EPA to assist with the development and implementation of effective watershed management plans. It is designed for people who are involved in watershed management activities. These activities include the development and implementation of watershed plans, the analysis of data, and the implementation of management practices. Each piece of this website provides specific information or helps you perform a task.

  • WARSSS - Watershed Assessment of River Stability and Sediment Supply: A Methodology for Assessing Sediment Problems in Rivers and Streams
    This is a new technical methods Web site designed to help watershed managers assess and restore waters with suspended or bedded sediment problems. The centerpiece of the WARSSS Web Site is a step-by-step, three-phase assessment methodology developed by Dr. David L. Rosgen for detecting sediment problems and source areas, estimating excessive sediment loads, and planning to restore normal sediment dynamics in streams and rivers. Besides the WARSSS methodology, the site also contains the entire sediment model WRENSS, a stream classification tutorial, and a large collection of links to clean sediment information and tools.

  • The Watershed and Wetland Protection Information Kit [BROKEN]for County Officials is a collection of resources that can assist county and local officials with efforts to protect and restore the multiple benefits of their community's water resources. The information kit was produced by the Center for Watershed Protection and the National Association of Counties with support from the U.S. EPA and is available online at http://www.cwp.org/wetlands/naco.htm [BROKEN]Exit EPA Disclaimer

Data Systems



  • National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) Exit EPA Disclaimer
    The National Hydrography Dataset is a comprehensive coverage of hydrographic data for the United States. It was developed by combining EPA Reach File version 3 (RF3) and the USGS Digital Line Graph (DLG) coverages. Information on previous versions of EPA Reach Files is availale.

  • Watershed Assessment, Tracking and Environmental Results (WATERS)
    The WATERS information system uses EPA's standard mapping application to display water quality information about local waters. WATERS unifies information about water quality goals from EPA's Water Quality Standards Database with information about impaired waters from EPA's Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Database. A PDF version of the WATERS factsheet (PDF format, 14K) is available.

Water Quality Models

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