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Results Queue Service


The Results Queue Service functions to allow other WATERS services to process results asynchronously. In a typical service request, the caller must wait for the service results to return before proceeding with further actions.

Synchronous Request 

When processing large requests the time required for processing may cause server timeouts.  The Results Queue Service is an alternative allowing callers to submit requests to a queue where processing is undertaken asynchronously.  Results are then placed into the queue for pickup.  Using an identification code, the user may query the Results Queue Service to either determine if processing is complete or fetch completed results.

Asynchronous Request Threaded


The Results Queue Service has two modes, FETCH HTTP and GET STATUS which either attempt to return the queued service results or simply checks the status of processing service results.

Input Parameters

Parameter Datatype Description
pQueueUniqueID String The service-defined identification number for a queued process.  Obtained from a service call utilizing the optQueueResults parameter.
pQueueUserID String The alternative user-defined identification string assigned to a queued process.  Obtained from a service call utilizing the optQueueID parameter.
pAction String Keyword of either FETCH HTTP or GET STATUS.

HTTP Service Notes

Additional parameters specific to HTTP services are listed in the WATERS HTTP Services documentation.


Get Status Call

Property Datatype Description
queue_status String

Status value indicating state of queued job.

  • processing
  • complete
  • not found

Javascript Library

Function Name

HTTP Service

Resource Location

Database Service

Schema Resource
WATERS10 WATERS_SERVICES results_queue_service.retrieve_results                                      


Version: 3.0 - Released: February 4, 2014

  • Initial Release of HTTP Services.

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