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WATERS provides a suite of interoperable services that expose components that perform complex analysis and supporting strategic datasets, such as NHD, NHDPlus, and WBD.

Web and Database Services

The WATERS Web and Database services provide open interfaces to complex analyses. These services make extensive use of the NHD and referenced program data in the RAD, and also integrate other WATERS program data. Designed as loosely coupled modular units, the services are developed in a common architecture.

The HTTP Services provided REST-like access to the WATERS database services. Underneath, these services leverage the same codebase as the SOAP Services. Consumers should take advantage of the WATERS JavaScript Library when working with HTTP Services.

The WATERS Database Services require users to be on the EPA network and to have a TSMSS ID and schema password. Database Services provide users with the advantage of deploying applications within EPA that can take advantage of direct database call functionality.

Service Name JavaScript Library Function HTTP Service Database Service
Event Indexing Service
Event Indexing Engine created to allow users to dynamically or batch index features agasinst the NHDPlus hydrology to create RAD-ready events.
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Point Indexing Service
Service providing straightforward point indexing via distance or nhdplus flow direction raindrop indexing to NHDPlus features.
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Name Service
Advanced query function to find water feature names and provide general location information for NHDPlus features.
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Upstream/Downstream Service
The Upstream/Downstream service is designed to provide standard traversal and discovery functions upon the NHDPlus stream network.
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Navigation Service
The Navigation service provides standard stream traversal on the NHDPlus hydrologic network.
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Navigation Delineation Service
Service providing basin or other feature type delineation based upon navigation results.
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RAD Event Info Service
Service provided detailed information on RAD events.
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Lookup Services
Query services returning small non-spatial result sets of WATERS data.
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Results Queue Service
Service for managing asynchronous processing of other WATERS services.
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Spatial Assignment Service
Service providing spatial interaction information for a given geometry using various layers within WATERS.
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Watershed Characterization Service
Service providing a variety of information on NHDPlus 2.1 hydrologic feature attributes.

Mapping Services

WATERS mapping services provide access to feature layers via ESRI and Open Geospatial Consortium Exit EPA Disclaimer service formats. Users can consume WATERS datasets using client applications such as ArcGIS Desktop, Bing Maps, Google Maps, OpenLayers, Google Earth and/or ArcGIS Explorer. Developers can utilize these services to incorporate WATERS feature layers into their own mapping applications. Specific information about the mapping services are documented on the WATERS Mapping Services web page. Additionally, the WATERS mapping services are listed on the One-Stop Geospatial Gateway Exit EPA Disclaimer .

Mailing List

WATERS provides an opt in/out mailing list which allows partners to stay informed about announcements related to WATERS. Announcements include but are not limited to new service offerings, changes to existing services, etc. If you would like to join the mailing list, please send an e-mail to waters_support@epa.gov or use the Contact Us web page.


Web Services Decommissioned: January 31, 2014

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