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Water: Services

Identify Service


The identify service answers the question, What information exists in EPA program data systems for this point in the surface water network? The service returns all or a selected subset of EPA programs' source feature IDs as well as the NHD feature information.

Usage Scenarios

Gather Reporting Information

Problem Statement

Need to set up queries to the 303(d) impaired waters, assessed waters, and permitted dischargers web reports for users at a user selected point on the stream network.

NOTE: This service can be combined with the point indexing service to take a latitude/longitude click point, translate that click point into a reach code and measure, which can be input to this service, along with a list of program systems desired.

Desired Information

Program system web report links for each event at the user click point. If external links are not available for all records, the program acronym and program ID (source feature IDs) pairs for all EPA program events at the user click point.

Information Returned from Service

The service returns an EPA event table including program system acronym, source feature ID (external program ID), and feature detail URL (optional data element), as well as the NHD feature information at the network address entered.



Parameter Datatype Description
pReachType String 'AREA' or 'LINEAR' indicating whether the reach to be examined is a linear reach or an areal reach.
pReachcode String Reach code to be examined.
pReachMeasure Number Optional measure on a linear reach, leave NULL if you wish to examine the entire reach or if examining an areal reach.
pPrograms String Array of program abbreviations to be examined. See Appendix B for a list of current RAD programs The public web service cannot view restricted program information and attempts to view those programs will be ignored. An single string value of '*' will query all available programs.
pProgramsMod String Modifier explaining the array format used in pPrograms. See the complex object modifier descriptions for more information.

HTTP Service Notes

Additional parameters specific to HTTP services are listed in the WATERS HTTP Services documentation.

SOAP Service Notes

The parameter listing for SOAP services is slightly different.  Array parameters are not followed by a "mod" parameter as the array format is specified by the WSDL documentation.


UML Diagram

Identify Service UML

Return Object


Property Datatype Description
evt_results Object Object Type: identify_service_evt_results
nhd_results Object Object Type: identify_service_nhd_results             

Supporting Objects


Property Datatype Description
table_format String 'A', 'L' or 'P' indicating an Area, Line or Point event type.
comid Number The RAD event comid of the event record.
eventdate Date The RAD event date of the event record.
eventtype String The RAD event type (program abbreviation) of the event record.
reachcode String The NHD reach code of the event record.
reachsmdate String The NHD reachsmdate value of the event record.
reachresolution String The resolution of the event record.
source_originator String The source originator value of the event record.
source_datadesc String The source data description value of the event record.
source_featureid String The source feature id value of the event record.
featuredetailurl String The feature detail url value of the event record.
offset Number The offset value of the point or line event record.
measure Number The measure of the point event record.
fmeasure Number The start measure of the line event record.
tmeasure Number The end measure of the line event record.
shape_length Number The length of the line event record.
shape_area Number The area of the area event record.
geogstate String The US state in which the event record is located.
cycle_year String The cycle date of the event record.
start_date String The start date of the event record.


Property Datatype Description
table_format String 'fl' or 'wb' indicating a flowline linear NHD record or a waterbody areal NHD record.
comid Number The comid of the NHD record.
fdate String The fdate (last modified date) value of the NHD record.
resolution String The resolution of the nhd record. Identify web service will only return medium resolution results at this time.
gnis_id String The GNIS id of the nhd record.
gnis_name String The GNIS name of the nhd record.
lengthkm Number The length in kilometers of linear NHD records.
areasqkm Number The area in square kilometers of area NHD records.
elevation Number The elevation of area NHD records.
reachcode String The reach code of NHD records.
flowdir String The flow direction value of linear NHD records.
wbareacomi Number The NHD waterbody comid of any intersecting feature for nhd linear records.
ftype String The ftype of NHD records.
fcode Number The fcode of NHD records.
f_meas Number The start measure of linear NHD records.
t_meas Number The end measure of linear NHD records.

HTTP Service Notes

User must expressly add an optOutGeomFormat parameter to service requests to receive back geometries.

SOAP Service Notes

The SOAP service does not return any geometries with results. 

Javascript Library

Function Name

HTTP Service

Resource Location

Web Service (SOAP)

Resource Location

Database Service

Database service users will require the RAD_PUBLIC role for accessing unprotected RAD program results. Accessing protected RAD program data requires additional roles which must be may only be obtained through proper EPA channels.

Schema Resource
WATERS10 ow_service identify_service.main_srv


Version: 2.0 - Released: August 31, 2009

  • Initial Release of HTTP Services and new Web Page Layout

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