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Hillslope Processes (RRISC)

These erosional process categories are associated with identifying specific locations of activities that may, based on the nature and extent of the activity, potentially impact erosion and sediment. The land uses are overlain on soil/geology hazard maps to identify potential erodibility risks. Sediment delivery potential is later evaluated for only those sites that have a high to very high risk of erosion, as determined in the following three analytical steps (6 through 8). In other words, as more detailed information is required, there will be fewer areas assessed as the low risk areas do not justify further analysis. The moderate risk areas may need specific mitigation or stabilization recommendations, which may be adequately addressed at the completion of the RRISSC phase. This would generally be appropriate when associated with a relatively low consequence of moderate impacts. For areas where serious risks arise, high value water resources are involved, or borderline results are accompanied by substantial uncertainty, then the analysis should be advanced to the more detailed and quantitative PLA assessment phase.

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