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Risk Rating System

The risk rating system (steps 4 through 19 of RRISSC) evaluates the key variables representing erosional/depositional processes that are influenced by a mixture of land uses. The potential to contribute to disproportionate sediment supply and/or stream channel instability is evaluated by using a series of relations developed for RRISSC. The rating system will help in identifying low, moderate, and high risk conditions that are further assessed to aid in screening out variables that have low probabilities for impact effects and identifying those that may warrant further analysis.

During the risk rating analysis steps, a summary of each of the risk ratings sorted by hillslope or channel process and land use is incrementally compiled by the user in Worksheets 5a & 5b. This summary ranking may be compiled individually for each key area or reach of concern within the study watershed. The risk rating results from all these key sub-drainages and river reaches (i.e., whole watershed results) are summarized in Worksheet 6. All worksheets may be downloaded or printed.

Worksheet 5a: Printable PDF (10 kb, 1 p.) | Excel Spreadsheet (27 kb)
Worksheet 5b: Printable PDF (9 kb, 1 p.) | Excel Spreadsheet (35 kb)
Worksheet 6: Printable PDF (8 kb, 1 p.) | Excel Spreadsheet (21 kb)

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