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Landscape and River Inventory

This step reviews map and database information that will be needed along with step 1's land use information in the coming RRISSC steps. The soils maps, aerial photographs, topographic maps, vegetation mapping and much of the inventory information gathered at the RLA level can be used in the RRISSC phase. Inventory information obtained from existing data sources such as those listed in RLA step 1 are extremely helpful in RRISSC. Locating existing inventory data is extremely valuable and will reduce costs. A list of the information needed for RRISSC is included in Table 10, below. New information needs in this table that were not met by the RLA inventory data should be pursued at this time.

In addition, during the RRISSC phase a more detailed stream classification (level II) will be required for the reaches of concern identified in RLA. Users may review classification basics in Figures 14 and 15, Tables 2 and 3, Chapter 5 in Rosgen (1996), or online at Watershed Academy Web: Fundamentals of the Rosgen Stream Classification System

Table 10. Information Needed for RRISSC (basic sources)

  • Topographic Maps ( 7.5' USGS quadrangle)
  • Aerial Photography
    • current (within 5 years)
    • past ( 50 years +)
  • Soil survey map (hazards interpretations)
  • Surficial geology map
  • Summary of vegetative change
    • Nature of change (estimated % change by major growth form)
    • Extent (acres) and location
    • Any known dates of change
    • Riparian vegetation composition/density
  • Level I Valley types
  • Level I Stream types
  • Roads (need road system map)
    • acres of road
    • number of stream crossings
    • locations
  • Surface waters base map (National Hydrography Data)
  • Stream bank heights
  • Radius of curvature of river channel bends
  • Bankfull width
  • Length of river with direct impacts
  • Length of river with mining impacts
  • Operational hydrology of reservoirs, diversions
  • Percent impervious surface from urban development

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