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Land Use Activities

The identification of land use practices within the watershed was first done in a general fashion in RLA step 2, and again land uses are key ingredients for beginning the RRISSC phase. The nature, extent, location and dates of land use practices within the subwatersheds selected in RLA need to be documented in more detail in RRISSC. This step begins with a review of Worksheet 1a, the checklist of land use activities from RLA, as a starting point. The checklist is stratified by hillslope, hydrologic and channel processes categories, which enables the assessor with GIS access to make three thematic map sub-analyses from what is usually one overall land use/land cover map. The land use information has then been organized by major process type in advance of the process-based analysis steps coming up in RRISSC. Unmapped information such as historical land use patterns may need to be considered separately from the mapped data or, where possible, added as attributes to specific mapped features.

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