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Some of the following links are to locations outside the EPA Web site. EPA does not maintain these pages and is not responsible for their content. These links are provided as a service to the user. EPA does not endorse the materials, products, companies or opinions included therein. Exit EPA Disclaimer

Links to Additional Information

Watersheds and Estuaries

  • EPA’s Watershed Academy - This site contains a set of self-paced training modules that provide a basic introduction to watershed management. These modules contain slide shows, interactive exercises, downloadable documents, links to related sites, and self-tests to provide the user with an outstanding educational resource.
  • EPA Wetlands Home Page - An excellent resource for information on all aspects of wetlands. This site provides information on wetland history, descriptions of various types of wetlands, wetland functions and values, wetlands and people, wetlands protection, and the status of America’s wetlands.
  • Michigan State University’s Introductory Land & Water Learning Module Exit EPA Disclaimer - The purpose of this site is to enhance understanding of environmental data integration and analysis by using a self-paced approach. The module is divided into four submodules: geographic information systems (GIS), watershed approach, statewide data, and a decision case. A good Web site for introductory material on using GIS and watersheds.
  • EPA Terms of the Environment - A glossary of commonly used environmental terms appearing in EPA publications, news releases, and other Agency documents. The terms are defined in non-technical language geared toward the general public.

Spatial Data

Performance Measures and Indicators

  • Sustainable Measures Exit EPA Disclaimer - Provides information about what indicators of sustainability are, how to identify good indicators, and how indicators can be used to measure progress towards sustainable communities. A training course can be downloaded that describes how to develop and use indicators.
  • Chesapeake Bay Program Environmental Indicators Exit EPA Disclaimer - This site provides slide shows of the types of environmental indicators used for the Chesapeake Bay Watershed and what these indicators are revealing about the health of this ecosystem. The final slide show provides information on progress towards a healthier Chesapeake Bay.
  • Oregon Progress Board Exit EPA Disclaimer - This Web site provides links to organizations or agencies in Oregon and across the country that are using benchmarks, performance measures, and indicators to determine progress toward specific goals.


  • NOAA Coastal Services Center - Housed under the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the mission of this organization is to foster and sustain the environmental and economic well-being of the coast by linking people, information, and technology. This site contains information about coastal management resources and new technologies being used by coastal resource managers.

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