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EPA Supporting Documentation

User's Manual

The User's Manual (PDF) (109 pp, 2.9MB) guides you through the use and operations of the various model capabilities, describes the model structure, and provides example applications. This file may also be accessed when running AQUATOX by using the AQUATOX help menu or by pressing the “help” button available on most screens.

Technical Documentation

The Technical Documentation (PDF) (350 pp, 6.7MB) presents a detailed description of the model structure and documentation of 452 component equations in Release 3.1.

AQUATOX Release 2.1 Users' Manual for the Extension to BASINS

The BASINS Extension Users' Manual (PDF) (50 pp, 2.8MB) guides you through the use and operation of the link to the BASINS GIS and watershed modeling system, including the enhancements made in Release 2.1. Note: the linkage operates in essentially the same manner under Release 3.1 as Release 2.1

Model Validation Reports

Note: these reports are from Release 1 and 1.1. They have not been re-done using the Release 3.1 code, so the model results would be somewhat different. The overall results and conclusions should still be valid.

Sensitivity Analysis

EPA performed a structured sensitivity analysis of AQUATOX.  This analysis identified the model parameters that cause the most sensitivity in model output.

Technical Notes

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