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Water: SDWIS State

The Safe Drinking Water Information System/State Version (SDWIS/State)

SDWIS/State is a software package developed and maintained by EPA and provided to the State drinking water primacy agencies for managing their Public Water System Supervision (PWSS) programs. SDWIS/State is delivered as a set of software components that the states install onto their computer systems. Not all states use SDWIS/State, but those that do must use the core SDWIS/State component described below. The other components may be used by the states at their option. While many states use SDWIS/State, the degree of use, and use of the optional components, varies by state.

Core SDWIS/State components are:

  • Compliance Determination System for evaluating sampling schedules and sample results and identifying candidate violations

  • Enforcement Management System for accepting and rejecting candidate violations and managing enforcement actions associated with violations

  • Public Water System (PWS) Inventory Management System for maintaining information characterizing water systems relevant to EPA oversight

  • Engineering Data Management System for maintaining engineering data relevant to the state drinking water primacy agency but unnecessary for EPA oversight

  • Data Bridge
    The Data Bridge is used to import data from an external system into an eXtensible Markup Language (XML) file compatible with SDWIS. State primacy agencies use the Data Bridge to exchange data between SDWIS/State and other data systems.

  • Migrate to State
    Migrate to State is used to validate an XML data file against the SDWIS requirements and adds the data to the SDWIS/State database. Used with the Data Bridge, Migrate to State provides a means of interfacing SDWIS/State with other systems used by the state primacy agencies.

  • Drinking Water Watch
    Many state primacy Agencies use Drinking Water Watch to post information and data about the public water systems they regulate to their public Web site. States can configure Drinking Water Watch to display varying amounts of data to their public web according to their local requirements. EPA’s Drinking Water Watch page shows 17 states that maintain a publicly available Drinking Water Watch Web site.

  • Lab-to-State
    Provides a web site that laboratories can submit XML data files containing sample results. Lab-to-State is compliant with EPA’s Cross-Media Electronic Reporting Regulation (CROMERR) and is designed to greatly reduce the amount of manual data entry associated with entering sample results into SDWIS/State.
    Visit EPA’s CROMERR page to learn more about electronic reporting.

  • XML Sampling
    Used in conjunction with Lab-to-State, XML sampling takes the XML file generated by Lab-to-State and updates the appropriate tables in the SDWIS/State database with the samples and samples results.
  • Groundwater Bridge
    Groundwater Bridge provides easy to use data entry screens to SDWIS/State for entering and managing data associated with the Ground Water Rule (GWR).  Groundwater Bridge uses the XML sampling component described above to update the SDWIS/State database.

Do you need the latest SDWIS/State version?

State primacy agencies can obtain the latest version of SDWIS/State software from
the Association of State Drinking Water Administrators (ASDWA), SDWIS/State software download page.

Please note: You will need an ASDWA ID to access the software download page.
  • You must register for an ASDWA ID with an "@state" or "@epa" email address to avoid delays in processing your request
  • Non-state, Regional, or EPA staff requesting an ASDWA ID must provide the name and email address of their sponsor in the appropriate field.
    • To register for an ASDWA ID: Email ASDWA ID Admin (aderosa+epasdwis@asdwa.org)

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