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Water: Drinking Water Research Information Network

Basic Information

Drink LogoEPA has developed the Drinking Water Research Information Network (DRINK) as a publicly accessible, web-based system that contains searchable information on more than 1,000 research projects funded by leading domestic and international partner organizations. DRINK can be used as a tool for assessing future research priorities to support regulatory development and implementation.

DRINK maintains descriptive information on research projects, including project title, abstract, start and end dates, principal investigator, and contact information. Users can conduct searches of this information to identify potentially relevant projects, then click on links to obtain detailed information from the partner, such as complete data sets and reports, on the projects most relevant to their interests.

This site provides a single location to search for project information across multiple organizations and offers users and partners the following benefits:

  • DRINK aids in identifying research gaps, program planning, and potential collaborations
  • DRINK provides an efficient means of determining the status of research across multiple organizations
  • DRINK provides a communication forum within the research community and the public
  • DRINK highlights the quality of Partner research programs
  • DRINK keeps users up to date on current research


In October 1999, the Government Accounting Office (GAO) published the Testimony on Drinking Water Research, Better Planning Needed to Link Needs and Resources. The GAO recommends that the EPA develop detailed and better-communicated information on planning and ongoing research. This would address stakeholder concerns that EPA needs to be both efficient and accountable in establishing research priorities. It also says that a more effective system for tracking ongoing research will both enhance the budget-development process and allow stakeholders to make informed judgments about whether the research is adequately funded and whether it will be available when needed.

EPA’s Office of Research and Development (ORD) and the Office of Water (OW) recognized a common mission to address the recommendations outlined in the 1999 GAO Report. The DRINK system is the product of this collaboration.

DRINK is capable of simultaneously searching two databases:

  • The DRINK database, which is populated with drinking water research information from the EPA OW and other partners
  • EPA’s Environmental Information Management System (EIMS) database, which currently contains EPA ORD research information relevant to drinking water

Through the connection of the two databases, DRINK provides a single source for ongoing research information. This resource is critical for the development of strategies to

  • fill data gaps,
  • identify key personnel for workgroup and public meetings,
  • and strategically plan for rules under development.

For information on becoming a DRINK partner, please contact:

Crystal Rodgers-Jenkins, DRINK Project Manager
US EPA Office of Water
Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water
Standards and Risk Management Division
Email: Crystal Rodgers-Jenkins (rodgers-jenkins.crystal@epa.gov)

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