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Water: Clean Watersheds Needs Survey

CWNS 2004 Report to Congress

The Clean Watersheds Needs Survey 2004 Report to Congress (PDF) (166 pp, 1365K, About PDF) summarizes the results of EPA's 14th national survey  survey on pollution control capital investment needs required to meet environmental and human health objectives of the Clean Water Act. The report provides vital information for Congress, state legislatures, communities and others to help them make informed decisions relating to clean water infrastructure and pollution control methods.

The 2004 Report estimates that nationwide capital investment needs for wastewater pollution control is $202.5 billion. This amount includes $134.4 billion for wastewater treatment and collection systems, $54.8 billion for combined sewer overflow corrections, and $9.0 billion for stormwater management. Small communities have documented needs of approximately $17.0 billion. The increase in overall national needs is due to a combination of population growth, more protective water quality standards, and aging infrastructure. PDFfiles of individual chapters and appendices are also available.

CWNS 2004 Data 
Data and reports can be access quickly and easily through the following three options:

  • Facility/Project Fact Sheet shows CWNS data available for an individual wastewater treatment plant, collection system, stormwater management facility, decentralized wastewater management project, or nonpoint source (NPS) pollution prevention project
  • Ask WATERS Expert Query Tool provides data experts the ability to search and filter data within user selected tables (e.g. "Needs", "Flow"). Results are delivered in a tabular report and can be downloaded in CSV or HTML format
  • The Microsoft Access file allows data experts the ability to select data across multiple tables. (File size is approximately 110 million bytes)

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