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Water: Climate Change and Water

Montane (Intermountain West) Climate Change and Water

The montane (intermountain west) climate region covers the mountainous parts of Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico. It includes three glaciated mountain ranges: the Rocky Mountains, Sierra Nevada, and the Cascades.

The primary climate concerns in this region include impacts related to changes in snowpack, stream flows, and vegetation. For more information about the impacts of climate change, visit EPA's main climate change website.

Highlights of EPA and Partner Activities

Photo of a scientist sampling in a river
Many Landscape Conservation Cooperatives work to identify risks to water supply and demand within the Rocky Mountains. These Landscape Conservation Cooperatives include:
Western Water Assessment logo
The Western Water Assessment Exit EPA Disclaimer uses a multidisciplinary approach, working with climate, water, and law experts to provide information about natural climate variability and climate change. The organization hopes to assist water-resource decision-makers with its tools, specifically its climate forecasts and regional vulnerability assessments.

Climate and Water Strategy
Our Goals:

Photo of the water surface

EPA programs will work to protect the Montane region’s water quality, restore its habitats, and increase its resilience to climate change.

To learn more about the goals and strategic actions at the regional level, read the EPA water program’s 2012 Strategy: Response to Climate Change.

EPA Regions in the Montane Region

EPA Region 6 – including New Mexico
See the Region 6 climate change website.

EPA Region 8 – including Colorado, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming
See the Region 8 climate change website.

EPA Region 9 – including Arizona, California, and Nevada
See the Region 9 climate change website.

EPA Region 10 – including Idaho, Oregon, and Washington
See the Region 10 climate change website.

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