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Water: Performance

National Water Program Performance Results Fiscal Year 2009

Each year, EPA's Office of Water conducts an assessment of the end of the year results for all performance measures of the National Water Program to determine progress in meeting the goals outlined in the Agency's Strategic Plan and National Water Program Guidance.


FY 2009 Best Practices and Performance Report (April 2010)

This FY 2009 end-of-year performance report includes final data for FY 2009 measures from EPA's 2006-2011 Strategic Plan and program measures from the 2009 National Water Program Guidance. The report also includes best practices of program implementation and an assessment of the performance of the overall program by subobjective.

FY 2009 Mid-Year Performance Report and Data (August 2009)

The FY 2009 mid-year report includes the status of all performance measures during the middle of the fiscal year.

Additional Reports

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