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Water: Sewage Sludge (Biosolids)



On May 9, 2005, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission published in the Federal Register two documents designed to address concerns that radioactive materials could concentrate in sewage sludge and ash and pose a threat to the health and safety of water treatment workers or the general public. The two documents are:

  • ISCORS Recommendations on Management of Radioactive Materials in Sewage Sludge and Ash at Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTWs) [ISCORS Technical Report 2004-04; DOE/EH-0668; EPA832-R-03-002B]. This document is the final guidance document for POTWs on managing radioactive materials in sewage sludge and ash and summarizes the results of a national survey and dose modeling study. The last of three final reports prepared by ISCORS to address this issue, it represents the final output of nearly ten years of effort.
  • ISCORS Assessment of Radioactivity in Sewage Sludge: Modeling to Assess Radiation Doses [ISCORS Technical Report 2004-03; NUREG-1783; DOE/EH-0670; EPA832-R-03-002A]. This document assesses the potential levels of radiation doses to people by modeling the transport of radioactivity from sludge into the local environment.

These two reports, along with ISCORS' final survey report (issued in 2003), ISCORS Assessment of Radioactivity in Sewage Sludge: Radiological Survey Results and Analysis [ISCORS Technical Report 2003-02], are available on the ISCORS website at http://www.iscors.org/library.html Exit EPA Disclaimer . Copies of the Federal Register Notice of Availability are available at http://www.hsrd.ornl.gov/nrc/frdocs/70fr22729.pdf.

A limited number of copies of all three documents have been printed for distribution by NRC and EPA.

For additional information contact:
Robert Bastian
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Office of Wastewater Management
1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Mail Code 4204M
Washington, D.C. 20460
phone: (202) 564-0653

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