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Water: Vessel Water Discharge

EPA's Cruise Ship Sampling Reports

During the summer of 2004, EPA sampled wastewater from four large cruise ships that operated in Alaska to evaluate the performance of various advanced sewage and graywater treatment systems. The information collected during those sampling episodes is presented in the cruise ship Sampling Episode Reports, which characterize major sources of wastewater, treatment system performance, and information on factors affecting wastewater generation and treatment (e.g., number of passengers, crew, and ship operations).

During the summer of 2005, EPA sampled the same four cruise ships to collect additional information on nutrients in cruise ship wastewater. This supplementary sampling was done because there were some anomalous results from our 2004 sampling and because nutrients are very important in characterizing graywater and sewage generation and treatment onboard cruise ships.

The Sampling Episode Reports contain only information and analysis for each individual ship from EPA’s sampling in 2004 and 2005. The reports will be used (with other data) in assessing the need for additional standards for sewage and graywater discharges from cruise ships operating in Alaska.

For more information you can view our Generic Sampling and Analysis Plan (PDF) (66 pp., 538KB, about PDF).

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