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Water: Nonpoint Source Success Stories

District of Columbia: Hickey Run

Oil & Grease Water Quality Goals Achieved

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Waterbody Improved

dc_circleIllegal oil and grease dumping has historically plagued Hickey Run, a tributary of the Anacostia River approximately 1 mile downstream of the Washington, DC-Maryland border. As a result of extensive outreach efforts targeting the major sources of oil and grease—including local automotive repair shops—Hickey Run was removed from the 303(d) impaired waters list for oil and grease.


Land use in the Hickey Run watershed is largely composed of industrial and manufacturing uses, including a number of transportation-related facilities and automotive repair shops. The stream has been historically plagued by oil and grease from illegal dumping, and also during rain storms as oil and grease from surrounding parking lots, roads, and bridges flush into the storm sewer system, often overflowing directly into the stream. In 1996 Hickey Run was included on the DC 303(d) list for oil and grease, PCBs, and chlordane. In 1998 organics and bacteria were added to the list of pollutants impairing Hickey Run.

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