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Water: Nonpoint Source Success Stories

Innovative State Programs, Vol. III

States are implementing a wide variety of innovative programs to help them achieve their nonpoint source program goals. This special feature section highlights six especially innovative state programs. Some programs feature regulatory components (e.g., Hawaii's erosion and sediment control project, Massachusetts' storm water utility program, and Idaho's dairy pollution initiative), whereas others highlight the nonregulatory, voluntary adoption of nonpoint source best management practices (e.g., New York's Agricultural Environmental Management Program, California's BIOS Program, and South Carolina's Forestry Best Management Practice Compliance Program). These programs all have in common a wide network of partners and funding sources, some beyond 319 entirely (e.g., Idaho's dairy pollution initiative). This section also highlights a compilation of statewide Clean Marinas Programs that are fast becoming a popular way of promoting environmentally responsible marina and boating practices across the nation.



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