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Water: Nonpoint Source Success Stories

Section 319 Success Stories, Vol. III - Information and Education Programs

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All states recognize that strong information and education programs are critical to achieving their nonpoint source program goals. This special feature section highlights nine especially innovative state information and education programs. It focuses on programs that provide technical assistance tailored to the locality (e.g., Rhode Island's onsite wastewater training center, Florida's Yards & Neighborhood program, California's voluntary rangeland management program, and Connecticut's NEMO program) and programs that incorporate an education component geared toward kids (e.g., Wyoming's stream monitoring program, Illinois's Salt Creek Wilderness, and North Dakota's Eco-Camp). It also includes the more traditional information and education programs (e.g., Wisconsin's Water Action Volunteers and Colorado's media campaign). These programs all have in common a wide network of partners and funding sources, as well as a creatively packaged approach.

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